Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...THE imPOSSIBLE SHAME OF IT ALL...(heresies of the self)...

2008 VCA Master of Fine Arts Graduate Ieuan Wineman invited ROARAWAR FEARTATA COLLECTIVE to do "something" at what is most definetly called the "CARNi". A mnemonic rumination of the site conceived of a performance not to be seen by an audience. Alas, memory is flawed. Remembrance envisioned a sight-line behind the stage. A gap beyond with transgressive actions. We wait to confess in plush animal suits with metal chairs and 'sealed' concrete floor. Shameful and shamefilled acts from the banal and trivial to those that SHOULD remain personal factions. Like a performance of Pina Baush's Cafe Muller, miscommunication ensues lost in translations.

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