Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Artaud's To Have Done And Put An End To The Judgement Of God

In 2007, Craig was invited to perform something at the behest of venue Bar Open's Lucy Tehan for the Melbourne Fringe Festival Program. ROARAWAR FEARTATA COLLECTIVE on this occasion consisted of Craig and Back to Back Theatre's Sarah Mainwaring (performing as a siamese twin shadow to Artaud's delirium) , PACT Theatre's Australian Council 2006 Young Emerging Performer Grant Recipient and 2007 VCA Animateuring Graduate Georgina Read (as Ceremonial Comment), 2007 Melbourne City Council Young Emerging Artist Grant Recipient and 2007 VCA Animatuering Graduate Brigid Jackson (as Antigone), Benjamin Cittadini (as Phantom-Sado-Masochistic-Director-god ) and North Atlantic Audio's Leif Svennsson as live musical accompaniment (www.myspace.com/northatlanticaudio) to a performance of French artist Antonin Artaud's radioplay "To Have Done And Put An End To The Judgement of God".

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