Monday, October 22, 2012

AURA PROJECT Collingwood Housing Estate

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The Tower Anagogues

A ritual, an elevation, an elevated interpretation. A performance embodying the mysteries of the towers and their underground bulwarks, mouthing the unspoken words of desolation, bathing in the  daily bread, the solace of the individual embraced, a procession of the accumulated votive offerings of oblated mattresses, pointlessly shattered glass, lost keys and hidden doors.

24hr Tower People

We install ourselves in the foyer of the high rise tower for a twenty-four hour duration. During this time we celebrate birthday’s, take family polaroid portraits, conduct a survey titled “What is your favourite time”, liaise with the security, assist residents who have forgotten their FOB keys, observe and notate the poetic phenomena and personally congratulate people.

24hr Tower People

clouds are now and this
is the bottomless sleep,
time taken
is time best given away

child's eyes cling
whilst parents
drag their eyes away

The afternoon of the autumn estate 

ROARAWAR FEARTATA: Picking up the Pieces

Beginning the task of reclaiming glass shattered in an act of pointless annihilation by the Sky God of Desolation

The Perpetual Race of Achilles and the Tortoise as recounted and refuted by Jorge luis Borges, perambulated and divulged for avian consideration.Semester's End

The Sky God of Desolation

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Aboveground April Actions

ROARAWAR FEARTATA Schedule for Intervention/performances for April 2011 Aura Project, Collingwood Housing Estate

Tuesday 5th

Using our hand-crafted analogue data collection device, we will conduct a survey entitled "Where does it Hurt Today?" and "What Comforts You?" in and around the grounds of the Collingwood Housing Estate.

Saturday 9th

During the Harvest Festival activities we will conduct a ritual veneration of a destroyed bedding and furniture reliquary, as well as conducting a secondary survey using our hand-crafted analogue data collection device entitled "How many glasses have you broken in your life so far?".

Wednesday 13th -

Day long perambulation through the grounds of the estate reciting Jorge-Louis Borges' metaphysical meditations on time with a voluntary avian accompaniment.

Wednesday 20th

 Systematic rehabilitation of gravel 'non-place' next to stairwell to underground carpark. This will primarily involve the safe collection and responsible disposal of all broken glass in the area.

Wednesday 27th

Day long ablutions in the grounds of the estate, including breakfast cereal, bell ringing and blood-pressure readings.