Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beyond Butoh Festival 2007

In 2007 following ROARAWAR FEARTATA COLLECTIVE'S performance of Artaud's radioplay for the Fringe Festival, Craig was invited by 2008 Australia Council Dance Fellowship Recipient Tony Yap to perform a segment with himself and Yumi Uminaire in their curated Beyond Butoh Festival at Fitzroy Town Hall's Reading Room. Consolidating the relationship forged together in Mildura for Jill Orr's The Crossing, Tony gave direction to Craig's vision of a techno-scientific Jesus Christ. This post-modern and apocalyptic, Gothic-like gargoyle figure is inspired by Heironymous Bosch as captured in a photographic memory by Eelin Cheah whom Craig does not have the words nor adjectives for! Thank you and Janette Hoe!